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An arborist would be the best peorsn to ask. Generally when termites attack a tree it is in decline. Termites dont usually eat live wood , so there must be some dead areas of the tree attracting them. They are a natural part of the decomposition process in nature. They eat dead wood and turn it into nutrient rich soil for other plants to grow.It may be possible to save the trees but only an arborist would be able to diagnose a problem and come up with a solution.Food for thought Be thankfull they are eating trees and not your home. You might want to get a termite inspection from a qualified exterminator just to be sure.


Napalm might get the authorities eeciersxd so I would suggest urea on the heart of the plant.Best option is the same as for gorse "sell it" or just raise the mower and enjoy a luxurious springy lawn.Our place at Riversdale beach had pure Paspalum lawns and after coming to terms with the "Weed" prejudice we just accepted and enjoyed it.Havn't done it but a teaspoon of urea is supposed to blow it up growthwise but you will still have the hole to look at.

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